Baby Callum

This page charts the progress of Helen and Jake's 2nd baby!




Baby Pics


6th April 2003 Possible Conception
11th August 2003 Ultrasound Scan
28th December 2003 Projected Birth
1st January 2004 Actual Birth Date
? Officially Named

Ultrasound Picture of Baby Callum - taken 11/08/03

The baby is lying on its back and its head is on the left looking upwards. The curve at the top of the image is the edge of the womb. We both thought its face looked a bit like Conan's and this proved to be true when he was born. Jake was hoping that technology had moved on in 3 years and we might get a video or lots of pictures but alas we only have one picture. We did not ask whether it was a girl or a boy, we wanted a surprise again - of course everyone else thought they knew what it was. P.S. Jake thought it was a boy and it was!


Callum Joseph Birkett

was born at 8:25am on Thursday 1st January 2004

to Helen Joanne Carmichael

and Jacob William Birkett.

He weighed a healthy 7lb 5oz.


Callum Joseph Birkett


Helen Carmichael

Jake Birkett


Celia & John Carmichael

Sally & John Matthews


Fin & Fenella

Uncles and Aunts

David & James Carmichael

Flora and Rowan Birkett

Great Grandparents

Sheila & David Davies

Pam & Sid Banyard

Baby Pics

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